António Marques

Senior researcher and IPMA team leader

António Marques is biologist with expertise on seafood quality and safety (chemical contaminants and microbiology), and in the application of new technologies in the improvement of seafood quality/safety. He assembled state-of‐the‐art aquaculture recirculation systems to simulate  climate change effects and examine examine how these stressors affect estuarine and marine species. He has published >110 peer‐reviewed articles (H‐index 26), is the Guest Editor of Environmental Research and Food Chemical Toxicology. He has deep expertise in leadership positions in EU projects (coordinator of H2020 SEAFOODtomorrow, FP7 ECsafeSEAFOOD, FP6 RISKFOODCONT; WP leader in ACRUNET, SEA‐ON‐A‐CHIP, LOBSTERPLANT, SHELLPLANT, MUSSELSALIVE, CRUSTASEA) and Portuguese (FRESHFISH) programs. He also serves as EFSA contact at IPMA.