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Helena Oliveira

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Helena Oliveira is a biologist from the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT-UC) (2007), holds a master's degree in Applied Ecology (FCT-UC, 2008) and a PhD in Marine and Environmental Sciences (University of Porto, Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, 2013). She is currently a Researcher at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences (MARE-FCUL) and the IPMA, I.P. She has been involved in the scientific development of 5 European (e.g. MARINER, FP7 ECsafeSEAFOOD, H2020 SEAFOODTOMORROW) and 3 national (e.g. VALORMAR, SMOKLEAN and, recently FISHBUDGET) projects. Additionally, she has been working in the area of Seafood Science and Technology with emphasis on processing and preservation technologies; development of new and sustainable products; quality/safety (physicochemical, microbiology and sensory) and shelf life; and consumer´s nutrition and health. During the last years, she published 18 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 1 book and 4 book chapters and acquired experience as reviewer for international journals (e.g. Food Control, LWT, Science of the Total Environment).