Dissemination activities

Here you can find the list and links to access the scientific outcomes of project FISHBUDGET


Anacleto et al., 2018

Fish energy budget under ocean warming and flame retardant exposure


Carmona et al., 2019

Oxidative stress-related responses to ocean warming and acidification in a seabream fish (Diplodus cervinus)

Oral presentation at the 4th International Congress of CiiEM 2019 – Health, Well-Being and Aging in the XXI Century


Anacleto et al., 2019

Fish energy budget of the zebra seabream (Diplodus cervinus) under ocean warming and acidification

Oral presentation at Aquaculture Europe 2019, Berlin, Germany


Camacho et al., 2020

Mercury in Juvenile Solea senegalensis: Linking Bioaccumulation, Seafood Safety, and Neuro-Oxidative Responses under Climate Change-Related Stressors

Manuscript published at the journal Applied Sciences


Martins et al., 2020

Ocean warming and acidification impacts on energy budget and oxidative responses of zebra seabream (Diplodus cervinus)

Oral presentation at ISMS, 2020, Barcelona, Spain


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