Research team

FISHBUDGET is a FCT project, including three Portuguese partner institutions: Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE), Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA, I.P.), and Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa (IST). The R&D activities of this project are carried out by a multidisciplinary research group devoted to the assessment of climate change effects in marine ecosystems, animal physiology and dynamic energy budget (DEB) modelling. To complement the team skills, the project also benefits from the scientific consultancy and collaboration from external institutions/researchers. Master and PhD students are also welcome to join FISHBUDGET team.


Who we are

Patrícia Anacleto

Project Principal Investigador (IPMA, I.P., MARE and CIIMAR)

Rui Rosa

Project Co-PI (MARE and University of Lisbon)

António Marques

Senior Researcher and Team Leader (IPMA, I.P. and CIIMAR)

Ana Luísa Maulvault

Researcher (IPMA, I.P., MARE and CIIMAR)

Isa Marmelo

Research Fellow (IPMA, I.P.)

Pedro Pousão-Ferreira

Senior Researcher and Team Leader (IPMA, I.P.)

Maria Leonor Nunes

Senior Researcher (CIIMAR and IPMA, I.P.)

Gonçalo Marques

Researcher (IST and MARETEC)

Tânia Sousa

Researcher (IST and MARETEC)

Mariana Carmona

Research fellow at IPMA, I.P.

José Moreira

Research fellow at MARETEC

Tiago Repolho

Researcher at MARE


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