Tânia Sousa

Researcher at IST and MARETEC


Tânia Sousa, M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (IST) and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (IST) and Life and Earth Sciences (Free University of Amsterdam), is an auxiliary professor in Environment and Energy at IST, the engineering school of the University of Lisbon. Tânia Sousa teaches or has taught courses such as Thermodynamics, Environmental Modelling, Applied Ecology, Microbian Cellular Factories, Energy and Environment and Energy Management. She has developed in collaboration two online Técnico MOOC courses, the debX and debX micro that are being used to support flipped classrooms in Applied Ecology and Microbian Cellular Factories and as stand-alone courses. She has supervised or is supervising 8 Ph.D. students (3 in co-supervision) and more than 20 master students. Tânia Sousa is a researcher of MARETEC – Marine, Environment and Technology Centre. Her main research areas are the DEB theory for the metabolism of organisms and the exergy accounting at the national and industrial levels. She has published more than thirty papers in international peer reviewed journals and has edited a special number of Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B entitled 'Developments in dynamic energy budget theory and its applications'. She has organized in collaboration three international conferences, the 2nd International Symposium on Dynamic Energy Budget Theory in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2011, the Exergy-Economics Workshop in Leeds, UK, in 2014 and the 2nd International Exergy-Economics Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2018.